The women's selection in the excitation

the women's selection in the excitation

Allocation of white color a woman can be observed that each time that the excitation is called a lubricant, vaginal or liquid. This mucus of unusual composition: it includes cellular components, the white cells of the blood and other microorganisms produced by the glands. Basically, vaginal discharge is transparent or have no color. In another case, if there's bad mucus is the first sign of a disease. In this article, you need to understand that the allocation is considered to be normal and to learn more about the female lubrication during arousal.

When a white discharge are the norm?

The liquid in the form of mucus typical of all girls. This is the most sure sign of a healthy body and a stable physiological activities of the organism of the woman. Here are the main signs when women selection of white color is considered normal:

  • the consistency in the form of gelatin;
  • a small amount;
  • a peculiar smell, but without the putrid impurities;
  • inside the vagina there is irritation and itching.

The girl after intercourse stands out much more fluid. It is worth remembering that this is the most common, a process that should always be after the contact. This suggests that the woman is very aroused and experience emotions after a sexual experience. This process can not take control of lubrication after intercourse is totally normal, and most importantly – an excellent indicator of the health of women.

As a measure of the number of downloads, that all depends on the ovulation period. Therefore, if you just come menstruation, the mucus will be much lower than in the middle of the cycle.

Influence of sexual intercourse in the climax!

influence of sexual intercourse in the climax

The selection active when excited women begin to appear after 7 to 10 seconds after stimulating the most sensitive erogenous zones. As a general rule, the man should start with a kiss on the neck, slowly moving to the chest, and then low to cause of women vaginal discharge. In general, girls like this signal is used to make it clear– the body is prepared for the introduction of the male sexual organs inside. After that, a clear fluid is increased in quantity, and is very good. As soon as the time comes to the highest point of pleasure, that is to say, the orgasm, a white discharge reduced. Therefore, the lubrication of natural is the most healthy and indicative of a signal of excitation for women. This substance may not be false or activate the simulation.

If lubrication is not enough?

The girl may experience some discomfort, feeling a slight natural appearance of the release, and sometimes not. Dryness during sex is very bad for the body of two people, as it is quite possible to damage the genitals. The absence of secretions, as a rule, is the cause of the following:

  • a daily intake of a woman of strong hormonal drugs;
  • constant tension, anxiety, physical and emotional overload;
  • use during contact of condoms with a layer of latex;
  • serious violations of the immune system;
  • taking anti-depressants;
  • Not;
  • of infectious diseases, or venereal disease;
  • the failure of hormonal imbalance;
  • problems with the genitourinary system;
  • the lack of alert due to insufficient duration of foreplay;
  • problems with the circulation of the blood, the circulation of the blood;
  • in the period of lactation;
  • problems with the nervous system, the pathology.

Profuse secretion never go before sexual contact, if there is at least one symptom of vaginal dryness. In this case, it is better to go to a gynecologist and not to delay with your treatment, as this is very serious. In any case, you can't self-treatment doctor's consultation is very important. Use lubricants that are sold in pharmacies, can be used only if natural lubrication secreted continuously in small amounts, and as a woman is totally healthy.

if a large amount of lubricant during sexual intercourse

What happens if a large amount of lubrication during intercourse?

In fact, there is nothing wrong with it. Basically, there is only a strong constraint, if the selection of women is much more than you need. In some cases, for this reason, the girl refuses sexual contact. Men also perceive the humidity from the women of the vagina as a sign of promiscuity and the constant change of sexual partner, which is absolutely wrong. Each girl is unique in their own way, and a strong assigned liquid only says that the libido is totally cool. You can, of course, to go to the doctor, but, he said the same thing there is no dryness, and the body and the sexual organ is completely normal.

Assignment on excitation with an unpleasant smell sour

White, liquid, vaginal irritation and a host of itching is very bad. Despite the fact that this symptom unpleasant annoying the girl periodically, this should immediately get rid of'. In general, this could be a fungal infection, lack of proper care (i.e., hygiene), the constant use of gels, personal hygiene flavors, daily, stress, abrupt climate change, unhealthy diet without treatment, uncomfortable underwear, constant douching. In all of these points described allocation will be unpleasant smell sour. As soon as it was observed this, it is important to immediately go abroad, to acquire all drugs.

Proper compliance with personal hygiene

proper compliance with personal hygiene

This is the 4 rules of personal hygiene, very easy to use:

  • The cleaning woman should be with a special tool, which includes lactic acid, which gives the effect to normalize the acid-alkaline balance.
  • Ordinary soap, in the scent of the shower gel and the bottle for personal hygiene and exclusively for their permanent use.
  • It is very important to change the boards as are created by this.
  • The cleaning woman should exercise at least 2 times a day i.e., morning and afternoon. Thus, it is recommended the cleaning before intercourse.
  • No matter how attractive any underwear made of artificial fabrics, wearing it is impossible. From this should be abandoned in favor of their health.
  • Unpleasant vaginal discharge with a strange smell

If the body is altered the acidity, the cheese selection is formed with the smell of fish. These strong-smelling globs aspect cottage cheese may indicate the absence of healthy female condition and of the excess bacteria. Just like the disease called candidiasis, which should be immediately treated and not to run.

Strange smell is the first sign that the vagina should be checked by a gynecologist with clear instructions of what to do next for complete recovery. During the excitation of the secretion can be the same as always, but the smell will be completely different, specific, repulsive and unpleasant, and in the penis in entering will have a large number of cheese selections.

Selection when the excitation is normal. The main thing that were a healthy indicator of the women of the state. If any unpleasant sensation is best to consult a doctor, because the sexual system is one of the most important organs that needs to be treated in the first place, not to postpone.