Experience in the use of Forte Love

Leticia from the city of Naples has decided to share his story with millions of women. The girl told him about how he managed to solve the problems with the sex life and low libido with the female of the pathogen Forte Love.

With my husband we had a great relationship, we loved and still love each other, cherish our family. But at some point we had a serious problem that could put an end to the relationship.

As I started to fade the desire

Over time, after the wedding, it started to deteriorate the quality of sex. I have had very few times is the desire and attraction to her husband. No matter how much we discussed this issue in none of the experiments was not satisfied and how many would not use folk medicine, the result was not any. I often read articles on this topic on the Internet and tried to apply all of the advice they have received. We have tried to change the situation, to play a game of role-playing games, drinking alcohol before intimacy, gave each other massages, apply to the private parts of the essential oil, but all was in vain.

A friend with whom I have shared your intimate problem, they said that the more likely it is that my husband and I have different temperaments. But before the wedding we all had a great time in bed and what happened to my libido after that, I couldn't understand. The mother says that women are "open" sexually transmitted diseases later, and the more likely it is that my time has not yet arrived. But the libido was very high, even with my first serious relationship.

Futile attempts to restore the passion in bed

First my husband tried to surprise me, to always have foreplay, make a romantic dinner, but with the time he became offended, to doubt my love, and, in addition, later joined the accusations and constant dissatisfaction. I already and itself began to doubt if you love me. Constant disputes on the basis of the lack of more sex that kill any desire to solve the problem. At some point I think that we both accept this situation and began to live peacefully together as brother and sister. There are No reproaches and quarrels. I began to feel uninteresting, unattractive, unwanted, and even, as if they were old, and is 25 years old! There were weeks when my husband and I even on the cheek not kiss even once.

I realized that sooner or later it will lead to divorce or infidelity on your part. Neither the one nor the other I wanted, so I decided to no way to remove cold between us. I went to the gynecologist: examination, ultrasound and blood did not show abnormalities. Then the doctor advised me to have checked by the endocrinologist, because she had suspicions about hormonal disorders. But sex hormones were also within normal limits. Then I realized that to solve my problem can only be a sex therapist, but now realize that you must have.

After with me for a couple of sessions, the doctor concluded that in General there are no global problems, resentments, fears or suppressed anger. The thing is that before I had to cling to their men, try to be the best for them, and after the stamp in your passport, And only calmed down, and the feeling that I have to catch the man, who has been, but what I was confused with the libido. It turned out that my physical needs are not so great. But the difference between the temperament of the husband, of course, should not suffer, and for the psycho-emotional state that regular sex is very useful. Yes, and as prevention of diseases of the reproductive system female sex is also necessary. But the sex through not want this positive effect will not give, and my husband never would agree to this type of experiments.

I managed to save my relationship with my husband because of the dust Forte Love

In the next session, the doctor recommended I buy female stimulating Forte Love and take as needed. Its composition is completely natural, so that the damage already done, even though the pregnancy. It hard to imagine that the poles will help me wish her husband and, in general, experience some type of sexual desire. But my doubts are dispelled after the first application. Husband was in shock – so I was not even before the wedding. In General, after two hours of sex and several orgasms from both sides all were very satisfied and happy (in the end, my husband even looked for any excuse to take a short break, as his power has almost dried up).

The experience of using Forte Love

I am now even without dust Forte Love want sex more often and use it not as often as before. Apparently, the well-established circulation and regular orgasms did the trick. So I advise all girls and women who have problems in the marriage arise only on the background of the lack of sex, book a pathogen Forte Love this tool can not only help to save the marriage, but also to feel confident and desirable, which is very important for each girl.